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Daniel Toro

About DT Photography

An official registered photography company based on Swaziland, We provide photography and videography services to events, concerts, corporates and individuals. I am Daniel Toro the director of DT Photography , I come from TAIWAN originally. Within 7 years of photography experience, I captured many events and people, especially recent 3 years in Africa, I experienced different cultures and life styles, I love to try different things to enrich my life journey. Photography is a professional knowledge and skill, I am always learning something new from providing my service to others.

Passion of Photography

Capturing a specific moment or an emotion of a person/performer or a feeling that the person may be processing. Once people see the moments of them that are captured in the photograph it fuels my inspiration more to record more of these moments. That moment captured can be carried through with them their whole life.

Photography & Videography Services

Music / Concert

Nightlife / Event

Food Photography

Aerial Photography

Interior & Exterior Photography

Wedding / Maternity / Family

Studio Photography / Headshot

Commercial / Corporate


• MTN Bushfire Music Festival Official Photographer 2014-2016

• FNB Smooth Festival Official Photographer 2015-2016

• Hipnotik Festival Swaziland Official Photographer 2016

• House On Fire Official Photographer 2013-2016

• Captured more than 500 events within 7 years career and still go on……

A little more about DT Photography

My photography is my artwork. Photography is just like a painting. For me, I like colourful stuff. So my artwork will be full of colour and will be deep with emotion. I do take some black and white photos which will still be full of depth. Whilst I am photographing I take particular notice to atmospheric lighting, or my synthetic lighting. This lighting influences my work a lot. The job of a photographer is not just to press a button. A photographer has to immerse oneself into the environment, feel the frequency in order to channel the emotions into the photo.

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